Wholesale Distribution

Supply chain networks have never been more complex. Your customers’ expectations for lower prices and faster service levels have never been higher.

Every minute you spend wrangling data instead of taking action puts you at risk.


Traverse Wholesale Distribution helps you navigate disparate systems and manual processes, allowing you to seamlessly manage performance across both stocking and non-stocking suppliers, all from one place.

We can help you run best-in-class distribution operations with cloud-based solutions that span:

  • pyramid
    Managing large and complex vendor bases
  • hand
    Performance tracking on both stock and non-stock items
  • abstract
    Automated monthly scorecards to vendors highlighting overall performance
  • document
    Nightly notifications detailing supply chain errors
  • box
    Facilitating distribution center receipt
  • short
    Evaluating previous vendor performance to facilitate future purchasing decisions

Real-World Results

Traverse Systems customers see dramatically reduced errors, increased cost recoveries, and less operational friction.

  • Net Cost Recoveries up 28% - 111%
  • On-Time Delivery up 7% - 22%
  • Total Order Cycle down 4% - 12%
  • Total Fill Rate up 2% - 28%
  • Initial Fill Rate up 13%
  • PO Accuracy up 32%
  • ASN Accuracy up 3%

“The Traverse Platform improved the flow in our distribution centers by 62%”

Dave Sanford, VP of Distribution, Burlington Coat Factory

Upgrade Your Wholesale Distribution Solution

Our premium offerings enhance bidirectional supply chain visibility and communication between partners.

Passport is a premium vendor portal that can be added to any Traverse Solution to improve information flow from vendor to retailers and back again.

Rivet is the business partnership management solution designed to help you manage people, projects, assets, and documents from one convenient location.

Scaffold alleviates and streamlines manual data-entry, permissioning, and sharing across the entire enterprise so you can get more done, faster.

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