Grocery margins are tight and getting tighter. Meet the expectations of more discerning consumers by transforming your supply chain into a source of operational strength.


As grocers have implemented curbside pickup, on-time and in full (OTIF) is more important now than ever to satisfy a time-constrained consumer.

We identify opportunities to compress your purchase order lifecycle with end-to-end supply chain visibility.

In addition to the core benefits provided by the Traverse Platform, our grocery solution includes:

  • A dog-eared document
    Documentation of violations as they occur for easy retrieval and verification
  • Hand holding a stack of cash
    Automatic nightly notifications for suppliers to prevent future errors
  • A stacked series of upward pointing arrows
    Visibility into the purchase order life-cycle and insights for continuous improvement
  • A subsection of an open maze
    Freight routing review to ensure approved carrier usage
  • A box on a conveyor belt
    OTIF monitoring to ensure online ordering and curbside pickup are a success
  • Two separate containers being connected at the center
    Automated trouble shipments tracking, notification, and solution

Real-World Results

Traverse Systems customers see dramatically reduced errors, increased cost recoveries, and less operational friction.

  • Net Cost Recoveries up 28% - 111%
  • On-Time Delivery up 7% - 22%
  • Total Order Cycle down 4% - 12%
  • Total Fill Rate up 2% - 28%
  • Initial Fill Rate up 13%
  • PO Accuracy up 32%
  • ASN Accuracy up 3%

Upgrade Your Grocery Solutions

Our premium offerings enhance bidirectional supply chain visibility and communication between partners.

Passport is a premium vendor portal that can be added to any Traverse Solution to improve information flow from vendor to retailers and back again.

The Rivet™ Saas Platform is a business partner management solution that minimizes the complexity, time, and expense associated with unproductive and costly business processes.

Scaffold alleviates and streamlines manual data-entry, permissioning, and sharing across the entire enterprise so you can get more done, faster.

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