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Supply Chains – The Good, The Bad, and The Opportunity

Supply Chains – The Good, The Bad, and The Opportunity

Industry Trends 5 minute read | March 3, 2023


In the early 1980s, many companies were vertically integrated and had direct access and visibility across their supply chain. Today things are very different as many companies outsource manufacturing, assembly, co-packing, and packaging to pursue a global supply chain. Companies today increased profits via reduced costs, scalability, and the ability to reach a larger target market, resulting in a highly networked and complex supply chain. While the pandemic is over, companies continue to face increased pressure to deliver transparent, responsive, resilient supply chains. It is no longer business as usual, as the strength of a company will be determined by the strength of your supply chain.

We live in a world of more demanding consumers and trading partners with little room for error. Our solutions are designed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals across multiple industries.

The Good

The pandemic placed increased pressure on companies to do more with less. Companies that thrive in challenging times understand how to deploy supply chains with speed, accuracy, visibility, seamless execution, and transparency. They embraced a strategic supply chain partner rather than a supplier. They understood critical success factors for a resilient and adaptable supply chain;

  1. A passion for Innovation and Supply Chain Excellence

  2. A proven track record in deploying supply chain solutions that are;

    1. Reliable
    2. Integrated
    3. Effective
    4. Scalable
    5. High ROI
  3. Highly skilled supply chain practitioners, processes, and technologies that;

    1. Reduce Out of Stocks
    2. Increase Visibility & Transparency
    3. Connect Information & Promote Collaboration
    4. Maximize Promotions & Profitability

The Bad

Too often, companies invest in expensive solutions that fail to deliver as promised, causing disruptions, increased costs, and reduced customer satisfaction. Current reality dictates that consumers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and vendors will continue to evolve in tandem with current and emerging technologies, placing increased pressure on supply chains to adapt and evolve.

If you experience any of the following challenges, do not despair; we can help.

  1. More demanding customers, late shipments, and a lack of data integrity.
  2. Constantly searching for and connecting supply chain information to ensure accuracy, reduce out of stocks and improve efficiencies. Disconnected information and inefficient manual processes.
  3. You describe your supply chain as a competitive disadvantage.

The Opportunity

You don't have to settle for supply chain solutions that fail to deliver peace of mind. Traverse understands that "Best-in-Class" supply chains are defined by speed, visibility, seamless execution, and productivity. Regarding your supply chain, "The Luxury of Ignorance" has expired. Consumers will continue to be more demanding, and trading partners will have to do more with less. Suppliers will continue to evolve from a vendor to a partner with higher levels of transparency and accountability. Loyalty will accrue to suppliers that deliver products on time every time. We will never return to how things were before the pandemic, but we can emerge stronger and more resilient with the right partners and solutions.

Traverse Systems is committed to continuous innovation and helping you develop and deploy a resilient supply chain. We are not just another supplier or software developer; we are your trusted partner and advisor in creating resilient supply chains with a proven track record and growing customer base. We offer a complete suite of solutions to deliver supply chain transparency, visibility, and efficiencies to avoid disruptions.

We help customers optimize their business partner relationships by delivering a unified view of their supply chain. We offer a complete suite of solutions to deliver resilient, reliable, transparent, and efficient supply chains. Our suite of solutions includes the following;

  1. Traverse Platform (vendor performance)
  2. Rivet (Business process management solution)
  3. Vision (Supply Chain Visibility).

Richard Wilhjelm currently serves as VP of Sales & Business Marketing for Traverse Systems, a platform for automating bidirectional visibility in enterprise supply chains. He is responsible for strengthening executive-level relationships with customers and key prospects. Richard has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the supply chain software industry.

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