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    Suppliers have long operated in the background, propping up national brands with predictable, reliable products. Today, they are recognizing the power of direct-to-consumer as they open up new channels to reach customers. They also face new challenges as their supply chains grow increasingly complex.

    Our solution addresses challenges unique to today’s suppliers, vendors, and licensees. We help you audit shipments before they are at sea or on the truck, monitor the performance and activity of all your factories, and more. Build a more predictive and profitable supply chain while forging stronger relationships, upstream and downstream.


    In addition to the core benefits provided by the Traverse Platform, suppliers rely on our solution for:

    • abstract
      Entering audits globally via mobile device
    • document
      Accurate and timely scorecards for agents and factories
    • box
      Trouble shipment tracking and resolution
    • auto
      Automated chargeback management
    • spiral
      Single repository for global supply chain activities
    • short
      Monitoring of global supplier performance around the world

    Real-World Results

    Traverse Systems customers see dramatically reduced errors, increased cost recoveries, and less operational friction.

    • Net Cost Recoveries up 28% - 111%
    • On-Time Delivery up 7% - 22%
    • Total Order Cycle down 4% - 12%
    • Total Fill Rate up 2% - 28%
    • Initial Fill Rate up 13%
    • PO Accuracy up 32%
    • ASN Accuracy up 3%

    Built for You

    Our solution for suppliers is purpose built for for modern supply chains, but we know one size doesn’t fit all.

    We’ve developed over 40 modules we can use to quickly adapt our platform to your unique supply chain. Together, we can build the custom solution that fits your business needs like a glove.

    Good Partnerships are Good for Business

    Passport is a premium portal that can be added to any Traverse solution to improve bidirectional visibility and collaboration.

    • Easy information flow from vendor to retailers and back again
    • Advanced data visualizations and tools for data analysis and process improvement
    • Accelerated dispute resolution
    • Data-driven decision support

    Know It All with Rivet

    Rivet is a business partnership management solution built to free your team up to do what they do best. With Rivet you can:

    • Manage and unify workflows in a single place
    • Onboard suppliers quickly and efficiently
    • Manage yearly supplier documents effortlessly
    • Collaborate seamlessly with all business partners
    • Manage vendor documents at the speed of business
    • Track and automate contract and insurance renewal dates

    Let’s Get Started

    Get in touch for a free consultation from a Traverse Systems supply chain professional.